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Sarkare [Gurikk Bath]
Snapchat [Geeta Zaildar] verfied song
Girl Do I Want You [Roach Killa,Sarmad Qadeer] verfied song
Pet Love [Shivjot] verfied song
Jhuthe Laare ( Cover) [Heer]
Long Braid [Khaab]
Long Braid (Lambi Gutt) [Khaab] verfied song
Charda Siyaal 2 [Yad]
Tere Bina [Harrdy Sandhu] verfied song
Dp [Daman Sandhu]
Eyebrow [Rupinder Virk]
Dhoom [Gaivy Bal]
Ishq Da Butta [Nawaab Saab] verfied song
Yaarian Te Ban [Lakha Chuhar Chakk]
Pyaar [RG,Bhawin] verfied song

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