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Badal Gayi [Pavvy Virk]
Webley Scott [Asij A]
Tere Hoke [Munish Raagaan]
Yaar Mere [VM]
Pashtondi Firan [Sabrina]
Fukri Na Maar [Preet Jaid]
Girls Night Out [Bebo kakshi]
Bad Eyes [RD Singh]
Kasoor Malka [Lakhwinder]
Meri Maa [Peji Shahkoti] verfied song
Saun Lagge [Harby Singh]
Phone [Mickey Singh] verfied song
Tere Piche [Baawale Chore]
Fulke [Jaggi Jagowal] verfied song
Chandigarh Police [Pretty Bhullar] verfied song

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